Bridal Jewellery Trends Setting-In For 2023

Bridal Jewellery Trends Setting-In For 2023

Bridal Jewellery Trends Setting-In For 2023

2022 has given us major bridal trends that left us all wanting for more. From outfits to jewellery, 2022 wedding trends were such a hit and we are sure some of them are here to stay. However, when it comes to the bridal jewellery trends, we have some forecasts that we would love to share with you. These bridal jewellery trends for 2023 are going to rule this year and many brides will hop on the bandwagon without missing a beat.

Bookmark These Bridal Jewellery Trend For 2023 That Are Going To Rule Hearts:

Stunning Nath Designs

An Indian bride’s look is surely incomplete without pretty bridal nath designs. A mere hoop latched around the nose accentuates a bride’s facial features and brings an unmissable persona to the overall look. 2023 is going to witness some gorgeous nath designs that will have customization touch to them and these are going to rule the bridal jewellery trends!

These bridal nath ideas are super unique and perfect for modern brides!

Diamond Jewellery As Bridal Jewellery

Diamond jewellery has been quite popular among the south Indian brides for the longest time. However, in 2023, the trend is going to spread like a wildfire and many brides are going to hop on this trend and opt for gorgeous diamond jewellery ditching the kundans and polkis.

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Off-Beat Floral Accessory Pieces

Gone are those days when floral jewellery meant only necklace, maangtika and earrings. 2023 brides are all set to up their bridal fashion game with some stunning pieces of floral accessories. From floral headgears, kaleerein, payal, hair accessories to haathphool, there is a plethora of options.

Check out these latest and stunning payal designs that are in vogue.

Maangtika With Passa

Nothing is ‘too much’ when you are the bride. While most brides opt for either a maangtika or a stunning passa design, today we bring you a breathtakingly beautiful duo – maangtika with passa. This amazing combo will have an unmatched individual charm! 2023 will surely witness this combination on many brides.

Seashell Jewellery

Seashell jewellery has been a core part of brides’ ensemble for pre-wedding festivities. In 2023, it is here to stay and we will witness it in more beautiful avatars. From kaleere to haathphools, seashell jewellery will be a go-to for boho and modern brides.

Seashell jewellery ideas for the new age brides

Hand Harnesses & Haathphool

Haathphool and hand harnesses are yet another factor of bridal ensemble that adds oomph to the look. It adds a lot of emphases on the mehendi clad hands. But, the typical traditional haathphool are not going to be a part of 2023. Haathphools just upgraded themselves and went all chic and elegant! Combined with rings and chains, these will add more beauty to the bridal look.

Here are some stunning non-floral haathphool designs for the millennium bride!

Sheeshpatti Marking Bridal Jewellery Trends

Sheeshpattis have become a raging choice among brides, so much so that they have even surpassed the fad of maangtika. This traditional headgear has been in the bridal jewellery scene for long, but it is only now that brides are evidently obsessing over it. In 2023, we are sure that more brides will be embracing the most stunning sheeshpatti designs and making it the core part of their bridal jewellery ensemble. 

Silver Bridal Jewellery

We love gold sets and diamond jewellery pieces but what truly excites us is when brides don unconventional jewellery. 2023 is going to be unconventional when it comes to bridal jewellery trends. Many brides will be open to opting for stunning ranges of silver jewellery and adding that ‘x’ factor to their look.

Check out these offbeat mehendi jewellery ideas for modern brides.

Unique Kaleeres Will Be In Trend!

Ditching the usual designs, unique kaleere will make a mark this wedding season 2023. From Meenakari kaleeres to the mini kaleere designs, we will be spotting brides slaying some amazing jewellery this season!

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